NextOEM wants to accelerate the success of fast growing high-tech companies, by improving Professional Insights, strengthening Entrepreneurial Skills, and connecting their Breakthrough technology to smart Investment Capital.

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A custom made programme


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NextOEM Topic Leaders

Part of the NextOEM program are several workshops that give crucial insights on topics like Strategy, Product IP, International Sales and Financing. All workshops are hosted by dedicated professionals with great experience on their topics.


One of the most important assets of the NextOEM Program is the extensive coaching by top-level experts from the hightech industry.  We offer our candidates entrepreneurial as well as financial coaching in 1 on 1 settings. The candidates have the most inportant say in the assignation of their coaches. We are adding new coaches to the NextOEM Program on a daily base. 


If you consider yourself an experienced high-tech entrepreneur or investor and would like to pass on all your experiences, errors and successes to starting entrepreneurs, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

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Our position

Model is derivative of Bell Mason Stage Gating Process.


We are in very good contact with all our incubation and acceleration collegues like Startup Weekend, Rockstart, Startup Bootcamp, Yes! Delft, Wonderlab and Bright Move. At NextOEM however we are not in early startup business, but ignite as of late-phase startup preferably after Market launch.